• Align with your Heart.

    Taking the first step to transformation, is allowing yourself to surrender to your higher wisdom and allow it to flow freely, creating an environment for growth, healing and change.

    Intuitive Energy Healing and Soul Embodiment Coaching

    Inspiration. Transformation. Embodiment.

    Sometimes we feel afraid, uncertain and know that we want to make some changes in life. Maybe you want to learn how to Trust yourself more or maybe you want to feel better on a daily basis, but don't know where to begin.


    I have many tools in my toolkit that helped me overcome much of my own unconsciousness and physical manifestations of it. I have healed my own anxiety, depression, addiction, anxious attachment/abandonment wounds and co-dependency.


    You too can transform your life by changing your consciousness.


    With Intuitive Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing and Coaching I can help you arrive at a place of feeling sovereign, alive and whole, by offering a plan that will help you embody your light, dissolve dis-ease and suffering. Through our sessions, I will guide you to the places in your energy system that is holding limiting belief patterns, teach you how to recalibrate these patterns to shift your consciousness and help open you up to new experiences in life aligned with your higher potentials. Together we will move energy so that you can embody the light of your Soul.


    Let's chat and design a plan that feels good for you! I work with payment plans for financial hardships as well.

    Melissa: High Voltage Activator, High Priestess, Divine Channel, Soul Embodiment Coach....

    How I can help you discover your Soul...

    Melissa is an Empathic Intuitive Energy Healer and Divine Wisdom Channel. In 2014, she discovered her purpose, which is to help inspire others to reconnect with their own divine blueprint, life purpose and awaken/embody their Soul's radiance. Throughout the years Melissa has studied Astrology, Tarot, Oracle Cards, Lunar wisdom/ritual, Sacred Geometry, Reiki, Quantum Energy Healing, Shamanic, Esoteric Wisdom, Somatic practices, Tantric/Hatha Yoga, and Ayurveda. This ancient wisdom is the backbone of Melissa's healing and coaching practice. Her practice is also deeply rooted in the Deep Feminine Mysteries, The Rose Lineage and the Priestess path. Melissa's gift is from the codes she carries, able to activate clients with her potent transmissions.

    Working with Melissa will holistically address the whole you, so you may experience radiance, joy and grace in all of areas of your life.

    Deep Feminine Soul Embodiment Coaching

    Do you want to Trust yourself and your Intuition more? Are you seeking a more harmonized relationship? Do you have a deep desire to live a life that is full of sensual connection and love?

    Sometimes we feel stuck and swirl in our heads instead of coming back home to our bodies. In this session, I will teach you how to trust your intuition and give you tools to come back home to your very wise temple.

    This is the art of Tantra. Often we misunderstand tantra and assume it is only sexual. Tantra is a way of life. It is harmonizing your life with the beat of your heart and the pulse of the universe. Each session is designed to be intuitive as I will tune into your unique energy signature, helping me identify where you are carrying limiting beliefs or patterns that are not serving your highest good or potential. I will help you understand the deep feminine, where you are in in your polarity and how to align your energy so you can come back home to your Aliveness, your desires and the flow of your sensual, feminine current.

    New Workshops and Sacred Containers for Anchoring the Deep Feminine Wisdom

    All Virtual Classes at this time

    Creating Sacred Space and Ritual: Recorded 1.5 hour class $22


    Letting Go and Acceptance of Non-Attachment: The Freedom Code

    Learn how your energetic, emotional and physical clutter is keeping you stuck. We will discover how to let go with love and allow spaciousness into your life.

    August 7th 12:30pm-2pm Virtual Class $44


    13 Month Women's Embodiment Circle starts August 14th! Every 2nd Friday of the month the women gather, to create spaciousness, align and deeply know the feminine pulse within. We will discover ritual, creating sacred space, energetic boundaries, attuning to the body/earth, alignment, divine feminine/masculine, sacred union, sovereignty and healing some core wounds of the feminine: abandonment, shame, and rejection. 3 hour circles. $44/month or $572


    Healing the Wounded Child and Meeting the Sovereign Heart Series with Vanessa Weseman of Authentic Relating Minneapolis. These workshops explore some of our core wounds and teach us to understand the polarity asking to be balanced within them. This is multi-faceted workshop that weaves in multiple modalities to deeply meet and transcend limiting beliefs and stuck emotions. We will discover how witnessing the inner child with empathy and authenticity is deeply healing and allows for the sovereign Self to come online fully. 2 hour workshops. $44. TBA

    New Meditations Available for Download!

    Check out the new Meditations, Rituals and Online Courses in my online store!

    Each month a Lunar ritual will be available to help support you during Full and New Moons. Full Moon rituals will help you let go of what is no longer serving your highest potential, allow you to shift into your spacious self by forgiving the past, moving into the now moment and manifesting your heart's desires. New Moon rituals will help you get really clear on what you wish to manifest into your life, what are your deepest truths and wishes? How would you like your life to shift to support your highest evolution? Each ritual includes a PDF to help you set up your sacred space, a guided meditation to help shift, clear and prepare your energy and journal questions to help you work through what is arising in you, allowing for inspiration and transformation.


    New Meditations also available in the store!

  • What kind of session should I book?

    Intuitive Readings. Intuitive Quantum Energy Healing. Soul Embodiment Coaching. 

    I want to discover my purpose and gain clarity around situations in my ,life.

    Intuitive Readings

    Sometimes we just want to gain clarity on situations in our lives, but we're not ready to dive deep into our trauma/wounds. Getting an intuitive reading is a good way to gain awareness and shift your consciousness without having to dive deeper.

    This is perfect for the person who is just starting to dive into metaphysical/psychic experiences.

    I want to heal old wounds that keep me stuck in repetitive patterns. I am ready to dive deeper into who I am.

    Intuitive Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing

    There comes a point in time where we want life to feel and respond differently to us. We want to stop repeating patterns or feel more joy in our daily lives. This is when soul is urging you to dive deeper into your belief system and wounded selves that are ready to be released. This session is perfect for the person who is ready to discover their soul.

    I have been walking the path of knowing thyself and healing, but need to be witnessed, held in sacred space to gain deeper awareness of old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve my highest good. I am ready to walk in my purpose and fully embody my soul.

    Soul Embodiment and Holistic Health Coaching

    You are no stranger to walking in the fire of transformation. You know that your time is now to level up, step into your fullest potential and embody all that you came here to be. This container will provide support and deep grace to allow you to shift your perceptions and deepen your awareness and soul alignment.

  • Package Specials!

    Invest in yourself and your life

  • You've been asking for it! It's finally arrived! 13 Month Women's Circle

    13 Month Women's Embodiment Circle starts August 14th! Every 2nd Friday of the month the women gather, to create spaciousness, align and deeply know the feminine pulse within. We will discover ritual, creating sacred space, energetic boundaries, attuning to the body/earth, alignment, divine feminine/masculine, sacred union, sovereignty and healing some core wounds of the feminine: abandonment, shame, and rejection. 3 hour circles. $44/month or $572

    Online or in person at Creator Space Sanctuary in St. Paul, MN

  • Awareness. Alchemy. Embodiment

    Discover your purpose. Shift your consciousness to transform your life. Embody your Soul.

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    Are you seeking clarity or guidance, but can't meet in person? I offer recorded or emailed intuitive or tarot readings. I also offer distance/phone Quantum Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions. Theses sessions are just as powerful as in person, as everything is energy.

    Click above for Class Calendar!

    Want to learn about energy healing? Are you an aspiring Reiki Healer? Do you resonate with Wild Wombyn's circles and Lunar Meditations? Are you seeking deep transformational healing that incorporates shadowwork, somatic healing and yoga? Join me in my monthly classes/workshops and lunar meditations. Other classes available: Building your Intuition 101. Chakra Bootcamp, Understanding Tarot via Meditation just to name a few. Throwing a party? Intuitive Tarot reading and Group Healing event booking available.

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    Intuitive Readings. Intuitive Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing. Soul Embodiment Coaching. Lunar Meditation Circles and Group Healing Events. Intuitive Tarot Readings and Events.

    Schedule a one on one call to discover which session/reading is perfect for your situation or goals.

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    Are you asking what your purpose is? Are you having experiences you can’t explain and you know it’s more than a coincidence? Are you starting to be interested in meditation, yoga and are curious about what you’re experiencing? You’re searching. You know there is an answer to what you’re feeling and experiencing but you don’t know what it is. You’re starting to have dreams, synchronicity, deja vu, full body symptoms you can't explain. It is time to AWAKEN.

    Are you aware of you purpose? Do you know there’s more to this earthly life and just need more tools and guidance? When you are aware of your potential but still need guidance, support and space to be held, this package will give you space and support to INTEGRATE all that you are coming to know about yourself and your consciousness.

    Are you a practicing healer? Do you know your gifts? Are you aware of your purpose but know know you are looking for extra support to move into full EMBODIMENT of your full potential? This package provides ongoing coaching and support to help keep you on track in your spiritual business, or on your personal path to wholeness and joy.

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    Crystals. Ritual Bundles. Meditations for Download. Chakrubs

    Mother Mary Clearing and Blessing

    Mother Mary Clearing and Blessing

    This is a short and sweet blessing that was channeled via a writing. This meditation is simple, clear and spoken without music. Very powerful as it invokes the presence of the compassionate loving heart, Mother Mary.
    Coming soon
    Clearing Limiting Beliefs Meditation and Journal exercise

    Clearing Limiting Beliefs Meditation and Journal exercise

    This is a powerful 50 minute meditation that takes you through beautiful guided imagery and Melissa's energetic transmission that will help clear limiting beliefs held in the body and unconscious mind.
    The meditation is accompanied with a journaling exercise that helps you release/re-pattern these beliefs, freeing you from a previous cycle that is no longer serving your highest potentials.
    Coming soon
    Daily Meditation Recorded Audio

    Daily Meditation Recorded Audio

    This meditation is a wonderful way to start your day to balance, align your energy and help you feel protected, clear and ready to take on the day!

    This is a short 12 minute meditation. Perfect for clearing/balancing/protecting your energy field.
    Coming soon
    Divine Blueprint Activation Meditation Audio

    Divine Blueprint Activation Meditation Audio

    This is a pre-recorded live event that includes a teaching on the current collective energies and a Divine Blueprint Activation.
    Melissa will lead you through a guided imagery energetic transmission that is similar to having an energy healing session with her. As she explains in the recording, everything mentioned in the transmission is activating in your field, working in alignment with your soul's divine plan & timing. This transmission is to align your energy grid with your original divine blueprint, clearing any distortions, patterns or programs not in alignment with your pure potentials.
    Coming soon
    Balance Your Chakras Online Course

    Balance Your Chakras Online Course

    In this self-study course, you will learn how to balance and align your 7 major chakras. You will learn the associated gland, color, element, Archetype, Yoga Pose, Mantra, Crystals, Color Therapy, Essential Oils and Affirmations to help balance your chakras. You will also learn how to use a pendulum to assess your chakras, what is deficient or over-active chakras, what could be causing the issue and how to heal the chakra imbalance with the self-study information provided.
    Coming soon
    7 Major Chakra Bootcamp Course

    7 Major Chakra Bootcamp Course

    This 7 chakra bootcamp gives you 7 worksheets that will familiarize you with all 7 major chakras in the body. You will learn what associated gland, color, element, archetype, mantra, yoga pose, crystals, color therapy, essential oils and aligned affirmations to keep your chakras balanced and in harmony.
    Coming soon
    Full Moon in Libra Ritual

    Full Moon in Libra Ritual

    This is a PDF ritual that will be emailed to you upon purchase. Along with the PDF ritual instructions, you will receive a downloadable meditation that will help you let go, surrender, forgive and extend gratitude to what is arising within you. The ritual will focus on the current lunar energies, the astrological influences, and how to navigate them in this cycle. Journal questions are included to help you dive deep, get honest and allow things to shift in your life.
    View more details...
    Coming soon
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    "I am soooo grateful! That was spot on! Thank you for allowing spirit to work through you! Thank you for your willingness to use your gift to help me. I'm in tears, but joyful ones!"

    Sharon Blake CEO Life Chronicles Publishing

    Best Selling Author and Thought Detox Coach

    Melissa is the best!! I always leave feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated. She is excellent at helping me find peace and clarity when I am struggling.

    Lydia C.

    Your reading was spot on!

    Lindsey R.

    You are so gifted! We absolutely loved our sessions with you!

    Melissa D.

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