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Anxiety and Constriction

How to bring about ease and flow back to your life....

Today my guides were speaking about Anxiety.  My husband has been struggling with anxiety lately and it got me thinking about the subject.  On a personal level, I've also been experiencing some anxiety lately with the passing energy shifts.  Both of us are experiencing the anxiety for different reasons, but what I've found is a common denominator which aligns with a universal law. 

 If you give away your POWER to a person or situation, you create anxiety. You will experience anxiety.  

This is where the key clue comes into play that my guides shown a light on today.  They mentioned the word "constriction" in reference to aligning with anxiety.  

Constriction is the result of giving away your power.  

If we look at energy and the flow of energy using a water pipe analogy, you will find that when the pipe is clean, open, etc. the water will flow with ease. The flow will be full, vibrant and healthy. When we constrict that flow in any way, we begin to see a weakened flow, the ease is not present, it slows down or becomes stagnant.  Now circling back to energy, imagine your body becoming constricted.  Imagine your meridians or energy pathways becoming blocked. What do you suppose happens to your body if these pathways become blocked for extended periods of time? What happens to your water pipes? Do they corrode? Do they rust away, or burst? 

I find no mistake in the spelling of DISEASE.  Dis-EASE. 

We create the perfect environment for DIS-EASE when have blocked energy pathways in our bodies.  Hence, we create the perfect environment for disease. 

Anxiety is dis-ease. It is blocked energy in our bodies. It is constriction.  

How do we create constriction? If we look at the universal law once again, it would say it is in the giving away of our very power, constriction is created. 

While connected in, the image I was shown to illustrate this creation of constriction/anxiety was a river and a massive dam. The river symbolizes your life. The life you were born to lead.  The river symbolizes the free flow of the current, taking you from experience to experience with the greatest of ease. The dam is the anxiety.  How I saw it was the anxiety is created by the loss of personal power. The loss of ease and flow, replaced with constriction.

But then the bigger question sets in.  What is giving away your power?

In our power we know and we live as powerful, all knowing beings. We are god-source. We are god incarnate. We are capable of accomplishing our dreams.  We are capable of creating healing within ourselves and others, we are capable of loving and being compassionate with all beings on this beautiful earth. When we live in this truth, we are happy, free-flowing, free from dis-ease, we are energetically balanced, we are in a space to promote healing.  

What happens when don't know this? When we don't believe this?Then the fear programming kicking in.  The limiting beliefs and the allowance of others to take our power.

The allowing others to impose their will upon your own. Allowing others to control your viewpoint. Allowing others to shake your conviction in your own beliefs. Allowing others to impose their beliefs on you and demand you make it your own. Allowing others to put limitations on your time, your energy, your life. And then of course, all the limitations you place on yourself. All the unrealistic expectations that don't align with your purpose or your values. All the resistance built up over time that has been created by another person's ideals that somehow you convinced yourself were your own.  Resistance to the truth. Resistance to loving yourself. Resistance to knowing your worth. Resistance to knowing your own personal power. Resistance to allowing, resistance to ease, resistance to peace.  All of this: Giving away your power.

On the other side of this, we also allow the monsterous societal structure in this country that has run rampid to consume us. 

We have become creatures of overload

Everything we do, see, ingest, analyze, experience, is one of excess. (I'm generalizing here, but I believe it's become so big it's hard to escape for most) Too much TV. Too much internet. Too much cell phones. Too much violence. Too much video games. Too much media. And then there's the obligations, work schedules, the kids over abundance in extra-curricular activities.  And then the need for MORE.  I was guilty of this and still battle with it, being the highly materialistic Taurean woman that I am, I had to find the balance and accept that less is more. Quality over quantity. But it's still so true for so many of us in this country.  

How does this tie in together? It's woven together by the same fabric of creation: We give away our own personal power by allowing our THINGS to own US.  

It's ridiculous.  The abundance of overload and gluttony we have created and then we are so appalled there is a presidential candidate who is running and winning polls who is the shining poster child of gluttony/materialism and de-humanization.  

Guess what? We created him. This is your wake up call, America.

And we complain of anxiety.  We reach for medication to calm our overstimulated nerves and wonder why we can't just get a handle on it. Every day we wake up, reach for our cell phones, the TV.  Run off to a 40+ hour a week job that eats away at our soul to pay for the house, the car, the boat, the name brands....the capitalistic nightmare that owns us.  We drown in a quicksand of overload, the stimulace is swallowing us whole. All the while we continue to give away our power to people and places that never aligned with our beautiful souls in the first place.  

It's not until we realize this simple rule and find the source of how we give away our power, that we can begin to understand ourselves enough to allow love back in, so we can finally create the space to heal. 

It's not medication that will save you. Because it's not your body that's doing it to you, it's YOU doing it to your body, by not allowing your own energy to flow with ease. 

So let's talk about your river. Your purpose in life. Let's find the resistance, the limiting beliefs that are building the walls of your dam, creating constriction to your god given flow in life.  Let's talk about what's really eating away at your dreams, your conviction and your personal power. Let's talk about how societal norms create overload and how we can finally tear down those walls of illusion so we can get back to what really matters.  You. Your heart. Your dreams. Your belief in your own personal power. 

It's here waiting for you. Time to turn within and find it, not let it go or give it away.

Take your power back, beautiful. Let your river flow. 


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