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In Times of Fear, We choose Love

Channel from Legion of Light

There is much need for silence of the mind, to access the heart. The desires of many to conceive a new truth so that love can be reborn.

In a time of bloodshed and violence, we turn to one another and ask questions. We simmer on the thoughts of mortality and our livelihood.  We wonder how our brothers can do this to our land, our home, our people?  So many questions, we leave no rock unturned searching for our truth and our answers, but the answers are here unfound.

It’s in the ground, the land, the people that tread the water in search of hope and we wonder why the lost haven’t been found within.

True guidance comes to those who stop to listen.  In a world of chaos, of busy, of too much, we begin to fragment, become frail and weak within our minds and we give in to anger and darkness.

It’s in this we see the shadows of the world begin to emerge. Rest assured in our dual world, In times of darkness you will still have the light. Look for the silver lining.

We see people saying, when will this end? What will it take? It takes you. It takes you ALL to rise up and say no more. It comes from the heart, the power that you seek to overthrow/overturn the system that keeps you bound to it’s presence.

Life will continue to chug along, but how you perceive it is yet the process that will continue to unfold. Do not let the dark deter you from your progress. Do not let the fear in.  Understand that this is part of the process and light will always prevail.

It’s your choice in which how you choose to respond and deal with catastrophe. It’s your choice to choose to send love or to weep with those who lost, or to rescind into the heels of fear.

We choose love.

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