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Honoring Truth and the path of the Soul

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The simple, one sentence fact: In times of truth, we are able to discern which path best suits our soul.

Because we are glorious human beings, gifted with mind that favors ego tendencies and illusion, time can often be the test of strength in our will to stand firm in moments of truth.

Decisions made in moments of clarity and truth are the direction our souls need to fufill our divine plans. Free will and time can clutter this journey with detours and fogginess, which while it seems counterproductive, these detours ultimately serves us as well, as during our journey, we need to come to understand both. The detour, the lonesome highway, heartbreak hotel, and then, the Truth road to destiny.

Often I find myself at such crossroads. The cold hard truth or the illusion of safety. Relationship has put me in many of these crossroads as relationship is designed to do. At these moments in life, I’ve always faced the cold, hard slap of truth and looked the other way. Because cold and hard, isn’t exactly comfortable. Facing the unknown is often scary and anxiety producing. So in the past, I’ve always gone back to my magnificent heart, cradling myself, no matter how broken the situation, the relationship or my heart may be in that dark moment and find myself reaching outwards. Yearning to hold it together, grasping at straws or fragments of what may be left, when all the dust on the countertop is merely illusionary, but I fashion it magical fairy dust instead and wish for the best possible outcome with a path that has reached it destination, it’s stop sign, it’s empty and lonesome dead end. It’s always the fear that gets me, holding me hostage, paralyzed, handcuffed to the bed of what has become my normal. And when we take ourselves as prisoner, we are truly holding on for dear life. Clinging to what’s already been beaten to death like a dead horse. But I can fix it!!! All in the name of fear. The fear of losing my lover, fear of losing a best friend, fear of losing what’s become so familiar, fear of losing the dream I worked so hard to orchestrate and the fear of being a failure and letting that dream shatter on the floor, crumbling into a million pieces. All the fear has always kept me swirling in the face of illusion, the dusty cobwebbed path full of sinkholes and one way signs, only to lead me right back to the same fight. To the same heart break. To the same argument. To same feeling of inferiority. To the same mess, I’m always trying to “fix” my way and my relationship out of.

Fear truly does take away our power. The power of owning our truth. Owning what is real. What is destined for our divine path here on this planet. Fear keeps us reaching outwards instead of retracting inwards to balance the sacredness that lies within. Sure, there truly are no right or wrong answers, but it’s about how much are you willing to give up, to sacrifice in the name of fear, ego, pride or illusion? In the sun’s light of truth, we see what has been hiding within the shadows of the moon. We see what we have been unwilling to see. We see all our shortcomings and we are given a grand opportunity. Honor what is real, what is truth. Accept what needs to change and act upon it.

It seems so simple, right? So, why don’t we junp on the train of change every time the opportunity to acknowledge our truth arises? Because it’s fucking hard. That’s why. Because human beings are creatures of habit. Not only do we fear, but we get stuck in grooves and we over analyze, over think and compartmentalize every single aspect of our lives, until it’s almost as if it doesn’t actually exist anymore. Avoidance. Disconnection. Distraction. We all do it or have done it in the face of uncomfortable transition. In the face of avoiding that bright shining light right over in that corner you’ve been hiding for decades.

Even when clarity rises and the dust settles, in those rare moments we are given to see our lives for what it’s actually become or is, we run away. Because sometimes or rather most of the time our deepest, darkest, shadows rise up to show us where we hurt the most.

I can guarantee you though, that every time truth shows up, knocks on your door, stares you in the face and dares you to look the other way you truly only have two choices. Succumb to fear. Or accept and rise into the truth. Because the moment you choose truth, you choose the opportunity for real lasting change. What people often also don’t realize, is change happens in an instant. The moment we make the decision to do something a different way, change has occurred. The moment we choose truth over illusion, change becomes the path and Destiny becomes the highway to freedom.

So what path will you choose when Truth comes barreling down your street, when the mirror comes to reflect the sun’s light on your pain, or when the opportunity for changes comes a knockin? Will you honor it? Or will you avoid? This is the year of Completion. This is also what I’ve come to realize as the year of Truth. We all are facing it in different ways and as always it comes down to, how will you respond?

One last thing to think about: In the winter, hibernation occurs and in our souls we feel it too. In our hearts lies the seed and in the spring (with a little truth and sun’s love) we become the Rose. Our magnificent, radiant hearts then know the depths of our potential and essence, as we embrace the opening of our heart chakra and unity consciousness. Spring ushers in a new beginning, a new heaven on earth for many as we honor and walk in our sacred heart's flame. <3

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