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I Feel Stuck

What does it really mean when we can't seem to move forward in life?

Often clients will come to me feeling like they are "stuck" or sometimes they've gone to someone else who has told them they have "dark energy".

I would like to speak about this subject because I feel it can be confusing for many. To me, this is actually multi-dimensional and can come with many perspectives.

What I have found in all of my work, both personally and with clients is that we have a beautiful inner child that has grown up in a world that forgot she/he was innocent.

Growing up, we learned behaviors and beliefs that shaped our nervous system, our brains and our energy bodies.

This in turn, affects our energy and how the universe responds to us.

The reason is because the energy has become contracted and not able to flow. Some call this "energy blockages" or "heaviness" or "dark energy".

It's also a form of unconsciousness (because you are not consciously aware of this contracted energy, belief or behavior that is ultimately not in alignment with the pure potential of your soul's light)

This unconsciousness is also called, "the shadow".

When we do energy work, it can feel like a band-aid was ripped off and we often feel a lot lighter, more at ease and happy for awhile.

If you are one that experiences this phenomena but ulitimately return to feeling "stuck", there is a root issue/belief at work still in your system.

This is where my work is different than a typical reiki practitioner or energy healer. I connect in with your inner child and your oversoul. Together we are able to uncover (with your soul's readiness of course) what is ultimately holding your energy in a limited way.

Most beliefs/shadow hang out in the sticky emotions of: Shame, Guilt, Abandonment, Rejection, and the Right to Live/Safety. It will also hang out in your karmic energy or your "fall from grace". (I'm careful with this language because even that is a belief, tied to a lifetime that harbored the energy. However, I'm listing it because there are people who are operating in that dimensional experience still.

Once these beliefs are identified, the light of your oversoul streams in with the Truth of who you are. These messages from your soul feel like such loving witnessing of your potential that is full of compassion and unconditional love.

I also work with plasma light, which will help transmute and align your energy in your energy bodies/physical body, so that you can begin to integrate the unconsciousness back into your wholeness.

What this means is we restore your original divine blueprint.

When a person integrates the shadow into their wholeness, the energy is no longer contracted. This creates an expansion for the person, within their energy field and in their lives. The flow of energy and abundance returns!

This is why reiki or energy work, may feel uplifting for a time after a session, but it is meeting the shadow, the inner child and bringing all that is unconscious into your awareness that creates the most noticeable shifts.

It is also those who approach this work with a humility and compassion for themselves, an openness to change that will allow for this type of work to be deeply transformative and life changing.

When you change your mind/emotional state, re-wire your nervous system and your energy....your can change your entire life for the better.

This isn't guaranteed, as this work is always done in alignment with your soul's plan. I cannot force your will or my own will, but will ask to move with the grace that is God's will, always.

The potential of a life that feels good, flows with ease and lights up your life in a way that is perfect for you, is available to you when you are ready to choose it.

If this sounds like what you would like to dive deeper into, let's connect and set up a session.

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