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Chiron in Retrograde in Aries

Healing of our tender hearts

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The heart is expanding and in it’s beautiful expansion it will transform as it becomes more spacious….making space for more love, more high frequency energy, more of everything that is radiantly, YOU. <3

This is the process into 5th dimensional energy and beyond.

Chiron moved into retrograde in Aries yesterday and will stay in this process until December 15th.

The deepest parts of our hearts will be unearthed during this time. We will see what has been hidden, buried and what is longing to deeply come alive.

The trials and tribulations we have faced will be remembered as we use the tools we have learned along the way and perhaps even lend a helping heart to others during this time too.

We all are Chiron.

We all have a love so deep within is the core essence of who we are. This love longs to expand, to be deeply known and felt. This love wants intertwine, merge and be shared.

This is the love that is being unearthed and all that is not in alignment with that love will rise to be seen, to be witnessed and to be alchemized into pure light.

So be gentle with yourselves as the darkest parts of your heart are revealed.

What I am sensing and currently moving through myself is a grief from holding on to something and someone I hadn’t realized I was blindly holding on to. Perhaps you can relate? Perhaps you are coming into many realizations during this time and that is all part of this retrograde journey.

In my own experience, this recognization help me realize more clearly what needs to be done.

Let go fully. Surrender.

What these words actually mean is to stop resisting what is and to allow the energy to expand from its contracted state.

When energy is contracted it cannot flow naturally, which also means it will not be in it’s fullness, or radiance that is possible when we flow with the light of God, the Sophia.

Anything less than full hearted acceptance will result in contraction, resistance and ultimately grief because your heart just wants to love.

Your being is that and when we resist what we are, we suffer, always.

This Chiron in retrograde in Aries is going to teach us where we have room to grow and where we need to look deeply within to see that we do have a wealth of wisdom, a complete toolkit and a heart that knows the way back to the source of your magical and aligned divinity.

Happy Sunday Everyone. I love you.


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