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I Love Men

My journey with the masculine and the dance of sacred union

I love men.
I couldn’t always say that about men and their presence in my life, but today I’m glad I can.
I love all the men in my life
Friends, family and lovers.
They show up in all sorts of ways, in all the ways that they can. And I love it!
In the past, I didn’t always fully appreciate it, or even allow it, but today I’m glad I see and feel how much love I have in my life from the men around me.
It started with healing all the places in me that didn’t trust, all the parts of me that feared being left, abandoned and judged. Next, it took healing the parts of me that didn’t understand, see or lean into my own masculine and didn’t fully allow my feminine to integrate with my masculine.
After doing this, my world and my experience with men has shifted.
And I can with so much love and gratitude In my own heart say: I’ve never felt so loved in my life. ❤
And it's not because of what I'm experiencing outside of myself, but that is really just a reflection of what's occurring inside of me.
I believe this shift happened because I finally found the place within me to trust myself, my world and the people around me.
People are not here to hurt me. But rather, they are here to reflect the love I feel or to show me how to love myself more authentically and respectfully.
What’s also cool? This energy balance helps me see what’s not in alignment for me and allows me to set boundaries and move away from what’s not good for me more quickly and with ease. It also helps me alchemize situations that in the past, didn’t show up the way I hoped they would. But when you operate with a world of gratitude and love in your heart, instead of fear and avoidance of what is arising, the world shows up differently.
Finally, my world reflects the love I’ve been seeking.
And I found it all, within.