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Energy Update: Blue Moon in Scorpio Integration

· energy healing,Scorpio,Taurus,Sacral Chakra,Collective Conscious
This past weekend's Blue Moon in Scorpio left us feeling a little raw, didn't it? Scorpio is the planet of Death, Sex, Rebirth and Transformation. Anytime when we enter a phase of Scorpio, we play with Fire.  As we all know, Fire is THE element of alchemy. So, it's no wonder the past few days have felt intense, revealing, deeply transformative.  This moon was highlighting the Sacral Chakra.  It's not shocking to me then, that we had a rise of abortion bans and more oppression of the female creation center arise shortly before and during this moon.  As a collective, we have much that needs to be healed within surrounding our power in the Sacral or the womb/hara area of the body.  We also have (sacred) medicine and the remembrance of it, that will afford us the ability to free ourselves from the opposing forces outside of us.  (Witches and Shamans new very well how to control pregnancy.  We still hold this wisdom.) So, Scorpio came into help reveal another layer that needs transformation (collectively and personally) and because we have 4 planets in Taurus we felt some highlighted polarity (as Taurus is the opposite of Scorpio) which took shape in relationship dynamics going awry, inner child wounding surfacing and another look at triggers and why they are still existing within your experience.  All of the Taurus energy is also teaching us to GROUND our energy, our dreams into this reality.  What is it that you truly desire? And how will you get there? What is the passion that wants to be expressed and how can you do this in a way that serves your unique soul expression?  As a collective, how can we support each other best and allow each other room to heal and grow?
Like all big changes in life, integration and rest are crucial for allowing what is arising to be seen, felt and processed so that you can reach a state of neutrality or flow.  Energy healing, body work, sex, sleep, taking long walks in nature, Epsom salt baths, meditation, yoga.....all will help your nervous system relax so that you can better integrate these shifts.  This week I am offering to help provide space and guidance so that your nervous system can relax to better facilitate integration, but also to help your energy bodies align to the new frequencies. Together we can help you feel more at ease, at peace and in-joy life! I have created a Blue Moon Integration Energy Healing service and I'm offering it at the discounted investment of $97 this week only!
I would love to help you bloom into your most magnificent self! <3
Click the link below to book now!

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