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The Dark Moon Phase of the Year

The Internal Void and Space for Transformation

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Yesterday I posted about my struggle with food. Thank you SO much to all who jumped into the conversation. ✨🙏🏻✨

I've sat with this and reflected and would love to share what may be aligned with many of you.

We are in Dark Moon phase of the year. This means we are in our (mystically speaking) "descent into the underworld". This means we are in a phase of VOID. Darkness. To transform what was, into something entirely new. It is a PAUSE before CREATION. A new opportunity is arising. To choose a different experience.

This happens every year. What is happening to many of us (especially wombyn) is we are becoming more and more connected to the rhythms and flows of the Earth and the universe. This is because we are becoming more sensitive via our evolving and elevating consciousness.

As you biggest message has always been: Everything is frequency. The consciousness you were born in, to the consciousness you elevate to. You will experience from that consciousness. Which is different or the same as others, even if we are connected from the same source.

The cycle of life, the law of rhythm, affords us the liberty to "do life" on our own accord. This means we all have our soul plan, free will and journey. While the hive mind may keep us in connection mentally, striving to conform and keep us attached to wounding, we each arrive to our destination (soul's plan) perfectly. This is why judgement is so silly, really. Why judge another's experience? They have their own trajectory.

This is no different. We are all experiencing the Dark Moon phase. Whether it's "seasonal depression", whether it's feeling sad, whether it's not being able to eat much or eating too much. The experience is personal to you and to see the message within the experience we must look within and without. Macro/Micro. On the universal level, the grids are changing, or I should say have changed and are currently being integrated. This means on a human biological level, we are being changed, upgraded. Consciousness is also elevating. We are becoming more aware of ourselves. The little I and the BIG I. The true self is emerging into this reality because our little I's awareness and integration of it is occurring.
This is why the solar plexus is being riddled with difficulty. The part of us that is being activated in a whole new way, is needing to be handled with a different type of care. Our bodies are asking for a different type of care altogether. This is the shift into a more prominent and online light body that holds very high frequency codes and templates to activate another "module in our program" or game. This is a simulation, you know. Virtual reality that we perceive through lens in a store or for fun? We do it daily via our own eyes. This too is becoming more conscious as we integrate and realize our true potential as humans and light bodies on this earth.

So for me- I am needing to slow down, not process so much. Rest. Let my body take care of itself the best way it knows how to. For me this is allowing integration with more sleep, less doing, less food to break down and more wholesomeness in all areas of my life. Less judgment. More care. Less overextending. More managing of my own energy by respecting, honoring and cherishing my boundaries. I am also in a place of realizing that the higher self, the true self, the ever present awareness is wisdom. Is majesty. Is unionized.

The true self does not need healing because it is already whole. The holiness we seek outside of ourselves is the Wholeness we already contain. So when we hear leaders say There is nothing to heal. It is not to shame your experience, or to tell you the life you are living that you wish to experience differently is "just fine as is". It is a higher perspective. One that affords you the opportunity to find the grace within yourself to transform the conformity of the world we live in. It's an invitation to put the question into motion. Can I live a healed life? What does that look like? Is my experience perfectly unfolding? Do I really need to judge every thing that happens out of alignment with what I desire or can I accept that in my non-judgement I set myself free from an old standard?

The division of the world will cease to exist the moment we allow ourselves the freedom to exist without division.

Billionaires exist in this world because we gave them all the power to do so.

Theft and crime exists because we extort and invalidate our hearts desires to love one another as brothers and sisters

Fear overshadows and overpowers what we long for because the ego fears change.

This is the macro. On the micro you hold the power to experience yourself in a different way. You hold the key to your personal freedom. By intergrating the ego and allowing the true self to lead the way. By understanding your harmonized energy, creates a union of your inner and outer worlds that reflects BALANCE. UNION. HARMONY.

In this revolution of self, we evolutionize the entire planet and align with our grandest design....which is infinite in all the possibilities. What world and experience do you choose? Enjoy the pause. The space of reflection. Allow yourself some grace and invite, encourage wholesomeness into your life, into your container. You deserve to know the limitless nature of your being.

So much love.

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