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You are Not Broken

Stop believing you’re broken and start realizing you’ve been living a lie.

The very Denial of Truth
Is what created false beliefs
The falsity created distortion in our energy fields and lives
The distortion is what created the trauma, the horrible things on this planet.

Not your inability to heal.
Not your trauma

Yes, the answer IS within.
It’s your alignment and attunement with Truth.
With God.
That is your TONE
To Oneness that is in likeness with your holiness- wholeness....

Not the distortion
Not the “luceferian agenda”
Not the narcissists

You never “attracted” this. You do not have to heal any of that! But rather, understand what you have been trying to Live in.

You need to wake up to it’s blatant falsity and TRANSMUTE IT by irradicating it from your life altogether by stepping into your personal SOVEREIGNTY

The new age matrix of “you attract what you are” is bullshit and dead.

It’s another hook into the very falsity
That keeps you in devour mode.

Set yourself free.
Realize who you are.
Realize who THEY are underneath the mask.

Those who you pedestal? Not what you think.
Those who you hate? Not what you think.

Pay attention.

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