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Acknowledging the Multi-Dimensional Self

The Dance of the Balance of Polarities

When we are able to acknowledge and experience the multi-dimensional Self, we realize the Truth is all encompassing.

The dance is the balance of the polarity in all experiences.

The question then becomes: can you remain in a high frequency state of being while also being completely aware of the all encompassing Truth of our multi-dimensional realities?

Can you hold all of life and can you remain in ALIVENESS in each experience?

God created ALL OF IT. Including you. Which means ALL of it is perfection. How do you choose to respond to it? And will you follow the cues to do your mission?

It's the dance that allows and affords us the experience to realize, to alchemize and embody, the part of your self/humanity which forgot it's ultimate perfection.

Often people will bypass experiences and other's experiences to feel comfortable.

Other's will stay in a one dimensional experience to stay comfortable

Or even stay plugged into the matrix because it's what they know.

Is life meant to be comfortable? Or is life asking you to experience it FULLY, to accept the vast expression of life itself in all of it's pure potential and TOTALITY?

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