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Super Flower Full Moon Energy Update

The Divine Waters and Oneness Integration

I was reading a piece by Alice Bailey about the Full Moon in May and the ceremony with Buddha this morning. As I was reading I had a vision and then the channel poured in.

In this piece she talked about a water ceremony. To me it is so confirming of the times we are in, but also of the WATERS! ✨💧✨

The water is the 🔑 to the fluidity of assimilation and integration/digestion to the high frequency energy coming in but also in our ascension. (And descension) into our bodies.

In my vision, it involves not only receiving the waters, but also toning the Sacral chakra/womb/cosmic amniotic fluid “divine waters”/e-motions. I saw a big flow of orange and red plasma light come up from the divine earthly sophia womb and into the central channel (13th channel). As it moved up the channel, it widened and I first thought it was a signal to expand our energy bodies, but I realized it was actually the parts of our multi-dimensional self moving into Oneness which is expanding our energy body.

This full moon is a big one, folks. Scorpionic of course! Death and Rebirth is on the agenda when the Scorpion arrives. It’s also a recalibration to love/sex, as we move into more alignment with our sacredness and love for ALL. ✨❤️✨

Women, this part is specific to you.....We are aligning with the great mother god and in that our bodies change as well. Have you noticed your FLOW changing? Are you noticing your skin changing? Are you hydrated? (If you are getting enough WATER you will digest the divine waters more easily) and you will notice the PMS wanes, the flow is less. You will notice your skin is softening, becoming more clear)
However, if you are dehydrated, you will notice more inflammation, more redness, the same or worsening symptoms. Dry emotions, more days of feeling ungrounded, worried or stuck in the static.

There is also big shifts going on around the death of the old personality/ego. Lots of grief is being felt for those who are closing old timelines. This is ok and to be expected! Let yourself be where you are.

For my women, I’ve been talking about this and I’ll say it again. The rage you feel is sacred. We are helping birth a new earth. Use your sacred rage as it’s intended, not to lash out, point fingers or shame others. We are sovereign beings! There will be a split and divide. Let people go and FOCUS. Treat this energy like a BIRTHING MOTHER. If you FOCUS your attention and energy, Tune into the energy all around you, set your space, notice what you need and give yourself that. Allow near you who is in alignment only and keep your boundaries with those who are not. Understand you will feel exhausted and excited, protective and powerful, full of fire and the fluidity of water all at once!

We are becoming the EMBODIMENT OF UNION FIRST. This is why we are the wayshowers and the leaders of the New Earth.

Loving you. May you take what you need from this Channel and let it inspire you, nourish you and uplift your beautiful hearts.

I will do a LIVE talking about the energy updates tomorrow May 7th 2020, in my Asaya's Meditation Sanctuary at 11am CST.


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