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The Underworld is your Liberation

Accept the Invitation

I don’t know if we all recognize this yet not, but we are in the Underworld.

With the planets in retrograde and the world in a global pandemic…..however you choose to experience all of these things is never the less an invitation.

To submit to the underworld.
To be taken
To be received also for all that you are.

This isn’t a magical journey of love and light and it never has been.

We are trekking through the worlds of worlds all the time and constantly in descent into what IS.

The earth and her loving embrace will ask us even still to succumb to the darkest parts of her being, in turn in humble reflection is also the darkest parts of your being.

To become still and witness the extraordinary power of the vast dark space of the unknown….where light cannot exist, but rather is created within.

There is a journey we are all taking to Dissolve and in this dissolving we unravel and unwind and un-become everything we thought we were.

Even thought ceases to exist.

It is here we meet the mother, the primordial child that has gotten lost in the high deserts, lost in the winding roads of the city and the unkept vastness of the jungle.

When we meet the Sovereign mother, the creator of all things, the union of GOD and GODDESS, the Sophia….we realize we have been lost in an illusionary world of things, separation and learned experiences that were entirely false.

Because somewhere along the way we got distracted, drawn to all that sparkled, and lost in a fool’s journey, by the illusionary meanderings of the mind.

Thought became superior and love an afterthought.

The underworld will invite you to lay down your sword, to take off your jewels, to succumb to your earthly nature and lay down on your belly as you meet, belly to belly, heart to heart with the mother.

It is here our wombs ignite, our creation centers align and we take IN, all that we are in our naked innocence.

To receive is to remember your power.

The underworld is not a place to be fearful of, but it is threatening to all within you that is still clinging to what it believes to be life, and doesn’t realize in this death lies your real freedom.

Life begins though humility and the grace that becomes from it, not the other way around.

Life become ALIVE when we accept ourselves in the deep belly of the mother and humbly return to innocence and grace.

Accept the invitation. The underworld is your liberation.

#accept the invitation. #theunderworldisyourliberation

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