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Witnessing The Sovereign Heart

An Online Mini Workshop to taste our transformational process

· Soul,energy healing,inner child,Healing,Transformation

A few years ago I downloaded a process that was to help me move through my own divorce from my husband and also my old way of living.

They said "Know Thyself" "Witness thyself" and "Heal the Fascia". Over the years I was led to explore more deeply somatic healing and Tantra (as a lifestyle and deep gnosis)

Vanessa Weseman and I joined forces about 18 months ago to offer what was then called, "Meeting Shadow with Empathy". It was a success, however, it wasn't a fluid process and we needed to anchor into our own Truth more fully before being able to birth what has become the workshop we are revealing now.

"Witnessing the Sovereign Heart" is an exploration of the body/heart/mind and the witness. Vanessa and I have blended our magic to create a transformational somatic/tantric/intuitive and relational practice rooted in authenticity and vulnerability.

In our workshops we will explore root cause polarity inbalance that keeps us looping in the pain body/wounded heart/wounded inner child. Themes such as Rejection, Not being Good Enough and Worthiness/Value will be explored. In my work, I see these as being common core "wounds" of the collective.

As you move through our process, you will incorporate relational games, somatic exercises, breath work, dance and of course the deep energetic quantum shifts in our intuitive meditation designed to help you witness your pain body in process one, elevate your body/mind to a new consciousness by activating your quantum potential /divine self in the NOW in the final process.

Discover your wholeness and say goodbye to a lifetime of healing.

All that you've ever been seeking is within your holy temple. The part of you that desires to be witnessed within and without can return home to oneness. Let us guide you home.

We are bringing our first mini workshop LIVE virtually May 22nd at 6:30pm-8:00pm CST. $33