• A Holistic Wellness Sanctuary focused on your whole being: Mind, Body, Spirit.

    Holistic Healing is an approach that addresses your physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing.

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    Intuitive Energy Reading and Transformation Coaching

    Awareness. Transformation. Embodiment.

    Sometimes we feel afraid, uncertain and know that we want to make some changes in life. Maybe you want to learn how to Trust yourself more or maybe you want to feel better on a daily basis, but don't know where to begin.


    I offer a very holistic approach in my sessions because it is my mission to help my clients harmonize on all levels: Mind, Body and Spirit.


    You too can transform your life by changing your consciousness and embodying your true authentic self.


    With Intuitive Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing and Coaching I can help you arrive at a place of feeling sovereign, alive and whole, by offering a plan that will help you embody your light, dissolve dis-ease and suffering. Through our sessions, I will guide you to the places in your energy system that is holding limiting belief patterns, teach you how to recalibrate these patterns to shift your consciousness and help open you up to new experiences in life aligned with your higher potentials. Together we will move energy so that you can embody the light of your Soul.


    Let's chat and design a plan that feels good for you! I work with payment plans for financial hardships as well.

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    Feminine Sovereignty Coaching

    Do you want to Trust yourself and your Intuition more? Are you seeking a more harmonized relationship? Do you have a deep desire to live a life that is full of sensual connection and love?

    Sometimes we feel stuck and swirl in our heads instead of coming back home to our bodies. In this session, I will teach you how to trust your intuition and give you tools to come back home to your very wise temple.

    This is the art of Tantra. Often we misunderstand tantra and assume it is only sexual. Tantra is a way of life. It is harmonizing your life with the beat of your heart and the pulse of the universe. Each session is designed to be intuitive as I will tune into your unique energy signature, helping me identify where you are carrying limiting beliefs or patterns that are not serving your highest good or potential. I will help you understand the deep feminine, where you are in in your polarity and how to align your energy so you can come back home to your Aliveness, your desires and the flow of your sensual, feminine current.

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    Melissa Baker: Intuitive, Energy Reader, Transformation Coach, Yin Yoga Teacher, and Ayurvedic Wellness Coach.

    How I can help you discover your Soul...

    Hello! I am so glad you're here and curious about my services. I am an Intuitive Energy Healer, Clairvoyant Psychic Reader and Transformational Soul Coach. I offer a very holistic approach in my sessions because it is my mission to help my clients harmonize on all levels: Mind, Body and Spirit.


    My journey began as a child, being very sensitive and very connected to the Earth. As I grew older, I became fascinated with the metaphysical world and astrology. I spent hours with my nose in a book, reading about every subject: astrology, tarot, hermetics, esoterics, witchcraft, sacred geometry, shamanism, chakras, energy healing....I loved it all!

    In 2013, I had my first reiki session and realized I'm very sensitive to energy! In 2014, I started my reiki certification journey and began my professional practice. I have learned during the past 8 years that I am a divine channel, as I am very attuned to my clairaudience (spiritual hearing) and am also very clairvoyant (clear sight). I'm a highly sensitive person and deeply empathic. Because of this I am very sensitive to subtle energies. All of these gifts help me in the work that I do with clients. I have found that when I place my hands on clients, I am able to "see" energy blockages and "hear" from the inner child the root causes of limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns. This helps me guide my client to letting go of this stagnant energy to allow for more light to enter (shamanic soul retrieval) and the opportunity to re-pattern the energy to it's original blueprint of wholeness. From a body/mind perspective, I am helping the parts of the body that are frozen in time to awaken and become fully integrated somatically, resulting in more mind/body connection, mindfulness, and joy!


    I am certified in the following:

    Usui Reiki Level 1- Master 2014

    Super Stretch Kid's Yoga Teacher Training - 2015

    Reiki Drum Practitioner - 2015

    Ayurvedic Wellness Coach- Shakti School 2020

    Yin Yoga Teacher - 2021

    Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher - 2021

    200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - 2022


    I am also trained in:

    Marie Diamond's Inner Diamond practices

    MBSR - Mindful Based Stress Reduction techniques

    Mindful Eating

    Holistic Nutrition and Herbalism

    Essential Oils and Flower Essences

    Crystal Bowl Sound Healing


  • What kind of session should I book?

    Intuitive Readings. Multi-Dimensional Embodiment Session. Holistic Transformation Coaching.

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    I want to discover my purpose and gain clarity around situations in my life.

    Intuitive Readings

    Sometimes we just want to gain clarity on situations in our lives, but we're not ready to dive deep into our trauma/wounds. Getting an intuitive reading is a good way to gain awareness and shift your consciousness without having to dive deeper.

    This is perfect for the person who is just starting to dive into metaphysical/psychic experiences.

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    I want to heal old wounds that keep me stuck in repetitive patterns. I am ready to dive deeper into who I am.

    Intuitive Multi-Dimensional Embodiment Session

    There comes a point in time where we want life to feel and respond differently to us. We want to stop repeating patterns or feel more joy in our daily lives. This is when soul is urging you to dive deeper into your belief system and wounded selves that are ready to be released. This session is perfect for the person who is ready to discover their soul.

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    I have been walking the path of knowing thyself and healing, but need to be witnessed, held in sacred space to gain deeper awareness of old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve my highest good. I am ready to walk in my purpose and fully embody my soul.

    Transformation and Holistic Health Coaching

    You are no stranger to walking in the fire of transformation. You know that your time is now to level up, step into your fullest potential and embody all that you came here to be. This container will provide support and deep grace to allow you to shift your perceptions and deepen your awareness and soul alignment.

  • Awareness. Alchemy. Embodiment

    Discover your purpose. Shift your consciousness to transform your life. Embody your Soul.

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    Are you seeking clarity or guidance, but can't meet in person? I offer recorded or emailed intuitive or tarot readings. I also offer distance/phone Quantum Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions. Theses sessions are just as powerful as in person, as everything is energy.

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    Want to learn about energy healing? Are you an aspiring Reiki Healer? Do you resonate with Wild Wombyn's circles and Lunar Meditations? Are you seeking deep transformational healing that incorporates shadowwork, somatic healing and yoga? Join me in my monthly classes/workshops and lunar meditations. Other classes available: Building your Intuition 101. Chakra Bootcamp, Understanding Tarot via Meditation just to name a few. Throwing a party? Intuitive Tarot reading and Group Healing event booking available.

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    Click above to book online!

    Intuitive Readings. Intuitive Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing. Soul Embodiment Coaching. Lunar Meditation Circles and Group Healing Events. Intuitive Tarot Readings and Events.

    Schedule a one on one call to discover which session/reading is perfect for your situation or goals.

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    Are you asking what your purpose is? Are you having experiences you can’t explain and you know it’s more than a coincidence? Are you starting to be interested in meditation, yoga and are curious about what you’re experiencing? You’re searching. You know there is an answer to what you’re feeling and experiencing but you don’t know what it is. You’re starting to have dreams, synchronicity, deja vu, full body symptoms you can't explain. It is time to AWAKEN.

    Are you aware of you purpose? Do you know there’s more to this earthly life and just need more tools and guidance? When you are aware of your potential but still need guidance, support and space to be held, this package will give you space and support to INTEGRATE all that you are coming to know about yourself and your consciousness.

    Are you a practicing healer? Do you know your gifts? Are you aware of your purpose but know know you are looking for extra support to move into full EMBODIMENT of your full potential? This package provides ongoing coaching and support to help keep you on track in your spiritual business, or on your personal path to wholeness and joy.

  • Testimonials

    Praise and Gratitude

    "I am soooo grateful! That was spot on! Thank you for allowing spirit to work through you! Thank you for your willingness to use your gift to help me. I'm in tears, but joyful ones!"

    Sharon Blake CEO Life Chronicles Publishing

    Best Selling Author and Thought Detox Coach

    Melissa is the best!! I always leave feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated. She is excellent at helping me find peace and clarity when I am struggling.

    Lydia C.

    Your reading was spot on!

    Lindsey R.

    You are so gifted! We absolutely loved our sessions with you!

    Melissa D.

    I'm so blown away!

    I started working with Melissa due to some major challenges I was having communicating with someone. After two brief sessions with her 2 weeks later the entire dynamic of the relationship shifted.

    Gigi Bisong

    Melissa was spot on! Guided me into deeper awareness and helped me on the path to healing. So grateful and looking forward to our next chat.

    Meegan H.

    Simply an Amazing experience! Melissa was a professional, mindful and her readings were on point!

    Kari S.

    Melissa was wonderful to work with. We had a group reading for 5 and all of us were very pleased. She is thoughtful and considerate in asking and answering questions and was spot on with all of us in particular areas of our lives. We highly recommend Melissa and hope to work with her again in the future.

    Mary S.

    Hired Melissa for a group of 6 1:1 sessions. The group was left wanting more! Group members have individually commented on her insightful connections and her ability to tune into each person. By popular demand, Melissa will be invited back for many future group events.

    Britta M.

  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    July 13, 2020
    Often clients will come to me feeling like they are "stuck" or sometimes they've gone to someone...
    The heart is expanding and in it’s beautiful expansion it will transform as it becomes more...
    I don’t know if we all recognize this yet not, but we are in the Underworld. With the planets in...
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